Mini Accordion Album–Pinterest Inspiration Week #14

by shelbysawyer

This week I was inspired my this cute webpage. There’s some really neat stuff to check out! Plus, the photos were cool, and they got me thinking about what else can be done with bottle caps and photos. I decided to make a mini accordion album, and it looks super cute! Here’s how:

In an image editing program, like Photoshop, re-size and shape all your photos then position them slightly over-lapping each other. This is the hardest part, but with the right program it really isn’t bad. Once your images are how you like then print them!

Carefully cut out your photos.

Hot-glue all the pieces together.

Use wire to hold the photos in place. Now you have a personalized accordion album!

I will note that odd amounts like 11 or 13 pictures fit in the accordion style much better! I’m going to give this as a surprise thank-you present to Kyla. You can see all of her photos here and here. Seriously, this is really great. I now have an idea for a future photo project! Lemme know if any of you try this out 🙂