DIY Body Wash–Pinterest Inspiration Week #13

by shelbysawyer

I’m on the cusp of moving out, and lemme tell ya what it isn’t cheap. I need this and that, and laundry soap, and dish towels. The list never ends! Plus that list adds up quickly over time, especially if you, like me, try to use the nicer stuff. Thankfully Pinterest exists because I’m not sure what I did with my life beforehand! I found this ridiculously simple and cheap recipe for body wash. I have crazy dry skin, so I usually get the all natural suds with all sorts of so-called “good stuff.” These bottles, fancily designed as they are, usually come in small sizes with hefty price-tags. Well no more I say! Here’s where I got my inspiration. Now here’s what I did:

I used one bar of Kirk’s natural castile soap, and grated it with a cheese grater.

Next I boiled 8 cups of water.

Then I tossed in all my grated soap, and stirred until it dissolved.

Go ahead and grab a cute little jar to put your concoction in. Pour in one cup of your liquid soap and two cups of water. Now add a tablespoon of coconut oil. This is what’s gonna make your skin super silky. I heated my oil up first, so it would mix better. Then all I did was add a few drops of orange essential oil, so I’ll smell great!


Here’s what it looks like! Now I will say that it is very liquidy. I waited about two days before I decided to use mine just so it had time to turn into jelly. It’s still a little runny, but that doesn’t bother me. One question you may have is what to do with the rest of your liquid soap? Well go ahead and put it in a tub to use whenever you need more! It’s as easy as that and a lot cheaper if you ask me 🙂