Painted Mason Jar–Pinterest Inspiration Week #12

by shelbysawyer

I’m hopping on the mason jar wagon this week! I realized that I have accumulated many types of jars over the past few months, and it’s high time I did something with them. I was looking through Pinterest, and this post inspired me to try something a little similar. Here’s what I made:

I really like it, but this does take some time to do mainly because of waiting for the paint to dry. I used acrylic which does dry relatively quick, but if it’s thick (and it likely will be), then it’ll take longer to dry.

Clean your chosen jar.

Gather materials: Matte medium, acrylic paint, brush, mod podge, and some paper towels!

Mix your color with the matte medium at the bottom of your jar until it’s nice and liquidy.

Let the paint roll around to create interesting shapes.

Drain the paint and let dry. Then coat inside with mod podge. Then let it dry again. I used a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Here’s one side.

Here’s the other side.

This was great for brightening up my room! Now I need some chrysanthemums or another similar flower to fill this jar 🙂