DIY Envelope–Pinterest Inspiration Week #11

by shelbysawyer

So this post is a little late… About one week to be precise, but better late than never, right? I’m very excited about this particular post because it’s going to save me a lotta moolah here in a few years, and I can’t wait! Drum roll please! I learned how to make my own envelopes! Now this might sound kind of lame and cheesy, but have you guys looked at the prices of custom envelopes recently? With a little hard work on my behalf I can save myself more than half of what I would have spent! Now some of you might be wondering, “Why in the heck should I care? I don’t need that many envelopes, so I can splurge.” Whelp that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m thinking about sending out wedding invitations. Oh, yeah. Hundreds of envelopes will be sent out, and the invites are expensive enough as is, so I’m taking a step in the cheaper direction and making my envelopes. Here’s where I got the original inspiration. Now here’s what I did:

I carefully unfolded an envelope of the size I wanted to make.

Here it is all peeled apart.

Trace that envelope onto a piece of paper that you like. I used 12×12″ white scrap-booking paper.

Cut out your template.

Now fold that template like how your original envelope was folded.

I used rubber cement on the folds that needed to be glued together.

I used my rubber cement pickup to get rid of the excess cement.

Here it is in all its glory 🙂

This is so ridiculously easy. I could probably make 200 in a matter of a few hours. Plus if I made them with any friends, then that would be even more fun!