DIY Fortune Cookies–Pinterest Inspiration Week #10

by shelbysawyer

Phew! This has been a seriously looooong week. Why does it seem that we never catch any breaks? Hmmm, maybe that’s a good thought for a future post? Well anywho, here’s another tutorial from Pinterest!
I wanted to do something special for my honey since we haven’t been able to see each other a lot recently, so I decided to make these cute fortune cookies!

Here’s my step-by-step:

Draw out perfect circles. I used a cup as my guide.

Cut out shapes with scissors.

I chose to write onto the back of the cookies instead of cutting up little strips of paper because I’m notoriously bad at cutting things.

Fold circle in half but don’t pinch the edge!

Use your nail to put a dent in the fold, and use that dent to fold your paper together. It kind of looks like PAC-man doesn’t it?

Viola! Cute, right? I used glue dots to hold the fold together, so the paper keeps its shape.

For the record, Kyle loved these! He thought they were cute, and I got a big hug 🙂 Mission accomplished.