Session Inspiration–Cooking up Some Love

by shelbysawyer

As a photographer, I’m constantly trying new techniques, finding new locations, and using new models to experiment with new concepts! I get such a thrill doing new things, that my work really shines on those sessions both myself and my clients are super pumped for! One idea that I’ve been dying to try for the past few months is a couples session in a kitchen! It’s an odd location with limited room and lighting (depending on the room), but it’s a challenge that I would gladly try. There are some really cute and romantic ways to do a kitchen session. You and your loved one could be baking cupcakes, and the whole feel could be playful and lighthearted. OR the two of you could be sharing a sweet intimate moment over breakfast. I’ve seen it done by other photographers in several different ways, and the results are really unique and personal! I mean, come’on, it’s in your kitchen!

I have created an inspiration board on Pinterest with my favorite things that I’ve seen done. Here’s some outtakes of my absolute favorites, and remember if you want more, then follow me here to get my treasure finds in your Pinterest feed!


Is this something maybe you would like to try? Facebook me here, and I’ll give you the details 🙂