Why Engagement Sessions are Important

by shelbysawyer

You’re engaged! Congratulations! This is huge! This is exciting! This is overwhelming? Yeah. Now you’re not just watching Say Yes to the Dress because it’s entertaining. You’re watching and realizing, “Shoot! I’m going to have to make a decision on what dress I truly want now!” Your eyes start to glaze over all the possible options and tiny details. Pinterest, which you used to love, taunts you with fifty different ways to create your own wedding invites, and everything is just too much. Oh, and did I mention you need a wedding photographer liiiiike stat? Yeah, that’s a big chunk of change to throw down on someone that you’re not even comfortable in front of the camera with yet. Not that you’re too worried, well not until you think about it. Then let’s mentally add it to your list of things to deal with as soon as you have time to do that. (Which is probably never.)

That’s a lot of pressure even if you have the most help in the world planning your wedding. Unless you have been photographed by your wedding photographer before your wedding, then you just have no clue as to how they will interact with you on your big day. They might be too in the way and become a distraction during the ceremony, their turn-around time might be ridiculously slow, there might be an extra “surprise” fee you didn’t know about until after your session, and worst of all their portfolio might not accurately showcase what they can consistently turn out. So now you’ve paid at least a grand on photography only to find out you hate it. It doesn’t get much worse than that!

Engagement sessions are great because you and your loved one can meet the photographer and be photographed in a low-pressure situation. For these shots, if the photographer times her shutter wrong, and you blink, then guess what? You can do it again five seconds later! These sessions are perfect for making sure your personalities mesh. Your photographer should make you want to smile not cringe. Trust me when I say, we photographers turn into different people when we’re photographing. We’re still nice and friendly, but we’re talking to you through the viewfinder and not to your face. We’re absorbed into our work, and that’s what we’re paid for. You don’t want to be put off by this during your bridal portraits because it will show.

Beyond just getting to know how your photographer works, engagement sessions are a great opportunity to create images to use for your invites, during your wedding, and Christmas cards! You’re not going to pay a few extra hundred bucks just to test run a certain photographer! Maximize this session to its full potential! Really push your photographer to make this session more than just an engagement session. You’ll love it even more if it can meet a wider range of needs besides making sure you’ve got the right-fit photographer.

So what happens if who you hired to take your engagement photos doesn’t work out? Well for starters don’t lead them to believe you’re going to hire them as the wedding photographer. Kindly explain you’re still in the middle of several big decisions, photography being one of them. Afterwards, you and your honey need to decide who your second choice will be. Wedding photographers especially book up quickly, so this is a decision that needs to be made as soon as possible. See if that photographer offers mini sessions. It is still so important to make sure this is someone you can work with. Trust me, after one bad experience, then you’re a lot more knowledgeable about yourself to have a better idea of which photographer is right for you, so the chances of the second choice also giving you a bad time is pretty slim.

Beyond that just keep breathing and remember not to get caught up in all the little details. It’s the fact that you’re marrying the person you love that’s important 🙂

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