Clothespins to Hang Photos–Pinterest Inspiration Week #9

by shelbysawyer

Almost everyone on Pinterest has seen the pins where people use clothespins to hang photos. Well today I decided to do my own version of that! I already had purple Christmas lights hanging around my room and a bunch of not hung photos that needed some display love, so this was a fairly simple task. I say fairly only because it did take about 45 minutes to complete this project. It was a lot longer time wise compared to my usual inspiration ideas, but it was well worth it!

What I did was take some average clothespins, easy enough, and paint them with white acrylic paint to match my lights! The only reason why this took so long was because of waiting for the paint to dry. Beyond that this was super simple, and I love having more pictures of me and beloved around!

Here’s the pictures:

Gather PicturesCount out Your ClothespinsPaint One Side and Let DryPaintingPaintedHang Around!Hang Around!Hang Around!Hang Around!

I just love it! Now I want more pictures, haha.