DIY Wire Heart Ring–Pinterest Inspiration Week #8

by shelbysawyer

Yet another easy DIY project is coming your way! Seriously, these little projects are so much fun! I can’t believe I didn’t start doing this sooner 😉 So today I made a ring! This is pretty monumental folks. I’ve been wanting to make rings for yeeeaaars! Granted, this is super basic compared to what I want to make one day, you have to take baby steps first, right? Thought so! Here’s where I found this ring tutorial. **Warning: This site has literally tons of great ideas. You have been warned.**

Here’s what mine looks like 🙂

Copper RingCopper RingCopper RingCopper Ring

Super cute, right? I love it! These would make great little stocking stuffers for my friends too. One can never be too prepared! I do apologize for my hands, haha. They need a good manicure 😛