Cassidy&Matt–The Wedding

by shelbysawyer

August 11, 2012 will forever be remembered in the hearts and minds of the lovely bride, groom, and their collective family. The day had every emotion one could imagine: stress, relief, happiness, madness. It was all crazy, and it was all good. Once the wind started to cooperate then everyone could relax more and worry about getting ready for the big event. The ceremony was gorgeous and featured songs that members of the bride’s family sang to commemorate the happy couple. This was more than just a wedding. This was a community event! The love and joy that everyone felt about the union of these wonderful people was everywhere. Even after the sun set, and it was too dark to even see who I was talking to let alone photographing, random family members were coming up to me and chatting as if I had known them my whole life! Seriously, this was one amazing wedding! Here are my photographs from the day: