DIY Etched Mirror/Coaster-Pinterest Inspiration Week #7

by shelbysawyer

Wow, I’ve almost been at this for two months! I seriously can’t believe it. It’s amazing how the day-to-day grind feels so slow, but when you look back on what you’ve done in the last few weeks you realize how quickly everything really moves. Today’s Pinterest Inspiration is kind of a two-fold. Mainly because I had an epic fail with my first idea, so I quickly moved onto another idea!

First I tried to etch a mirror. Here’s my inspiration. I was pretty excited about this project. Here’s how it went down:

Make and print a design you like onto paper. I just wanted something to simple to start with. *Update: Due to problems, I recommend using at least construction paper or better yet contact paper to print your design.*

Cut out black areas with an exacto knife.


Go ahead and wash your mirror or glass before taping your stencil onto the surface. Then glob a bunch of glass etching stuff (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby) and wait a minute before rinsing.

Clean off your surface and viola! Well mine didn’t look so good. Plain printer paper is not recommended for this project. Obviously.

Since that was a bust, and I’m not one to waste craft supplies, I decided to turn my mirror into a coaster! Luckily my mirror had these nice little rubber pads on it, so all I had to do was cut off the string and craft away! Here’s what happened:

My failed mirror etching and the paper I was going to use to cover up my mistake.

I modpodged my scrapbook paper to the mirror, and then I modpodged two thin layers over the paper to seal it. Now it’s good to go!