Custom Scrapbook Paper

by shelbysawyer

Full Paper

Okay so I’ve been über busy the last two weeks, and I’ve definitely slacked on my Pinterest posts. Here’s a tutorial I actually came up with, so it’s not officially from Pinterest.

**Note: By saying I came up with this idea simply means the idea came into my head, and I acted upon it. I didn’t research how to do this. If I did, then I would find hundreds of tutorials probably better than this one. This one just happens to be mine**

Okay, so all of this started because I wanted some cool distressed looking coffee-ish themed paper. Whelp, come to find out my Hobby Lobby didn’t have what I was looking for!!! (For once in my life, that store let me down.) Well, my next bright idea was to maybe use stamps. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of variety for the type of stamps I wanted, nor were the stamps on sale. So I resolved to making my own paper!

Detail #1

Here’s what I used:

Editing program (I used Adobe Photoshop)

1 piece of 12″x12″ white card stock (The brand I used is called “The Paper Studio”)

Any printer that fits a 12″x12″ piece of paper


**Note: You can adjust your paper size if needed depending on what kind of printer you own or for whatever use you need the paper size to be**

The Low-Down:

1.) I already knew which theme I wanted to use, so step one should be determining what theme or idea you want this paper to convey.

2.) Next I created a new document in Photoshop with 12″x12″ dimensions.

3.) I used textures, brushes, and stock images to create a desired look. **Note: ONLY use materials when the creator gives specific permission to do so! The materials I used were free for anyone to use, so be careful when just googling for things to use**

4.) I put the paper in my printer, and I printed the document through Photoshop just because it gives me more freedom.

5.) Let your paper’s ink dry before touching to avoid smudging and viola!

Detail #3

Some design tips I learned in art school:

1.) Less is more. There’s this thing called negative space, and it’s really awesome. Here’s a great article to help you understand.

2.) Texture is good. Texture adds the necessary dimension to a flat piece of paper. This article is great at explaining the why and how’s of texture.

3.) Color. We all know colors effect our moods. Well this also goes for your paper. Since I wanted an aged look I went for more of a brown and beige look in subdued and neutral tones. Here’s another really good article explaining in layman’s terms about color theory. There are additional links from that article for anyone who wants more color theory goodness!

Detail #4

Now I’m not a self-proclaimed designer. I’m not the best. I’m very, very far from it, but I have picked up a thing or two from school, and that’s what I’ve applied here! I hope this helps 🙂