Pinterest Inspiration Week #2

by shelbysawyer

So last week I made caramel syrup through a recipe I found on Pinterest. This week I started experimenting with more paper flower techniques! Some of you may already know I make kusudama flower balls and sell them on Etsy, but this is a totally new world for me! The idea came from the site: The link to the original tutorial is here. Since I don’t have any books I’m willing to rip up, and I am a beginner, I used ads from a photography magazine I had laying around.

Paper Rose

The effect is still there even though it would be prettier if I had used nicer paper, plus I didn’t finish the bottom with ribbon like the tutorial calls says.

Paper RoseSee? No ribbon but this is what the bottom looks like.

Paper RoseI had a lot of fun doing this, and I will definitely be doing more of these! They’re surprisingly easy! Well easier than kusudama in my opinion 🙂