My Personal Crusade

by shelbysawyer

Pathfinder DamHave you ever heard of an 8×12-sized print? Or even a frame? Yeah, it’s not very common which is a shame because our precious photos actually fit inside of an 8×12 frame. Instead we stuff our images constantly into 8×10’s and not even care about those two inches we’re loosing.

Maybe we are just too digital these days. All of our images, one way or another, end up on Facebook or our blogs, and we see the whole image. How often are we actually printing pictures and seeing them in the cropped 8×10 form?

Here’s a little history: back in the analog days, the popular film formats worked in a 3:4 ratio. That’s cool but it means nothing to you, right? Right. Well once digital became the preferred method of picture taking the ratio changed into 2:3. Now that ratio was used in film, it just wasn’t as popular. The 2:3 made our images fit into different sizes. Particularly, 8×10 was not longer reasonable; the new size should have been 8×12.

Unfortunately, it did not happen like this. People were used to 8×10’s. Paper was made in 8×10, frames were made in 8×10, and people liked their 8×10’s. Here’s why these two inches are important, and why you should care:

Photographers take into account the WHOLE scene when composing your shot. You’re paying good money for them to create amazingly beautiful fine art that doesn’t just capture a moment but personality. Feelings. These images will become conversation starters and will become more sentimental with time.

Do you really want to throw that off by two inches because we’re all set in our ways?

Change starts with knowledge, but that’s not all you need. For my clients, I’m going to start offering 8×12’s and slowing start to discontinue the 8×10. The problem with this is what do you do with 8×12’s? I’m working on finding local and commercial vendors willing to support my crusade against the 8×10 and offer frames and canvasses for 8×12’s. I will showcase, using my own home as an example, how GOOD 8×12’s will look hanging on your wall. I’m really excited to show you the difference that two inches can make.

Do you have any opinions? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it 🙂