by shelbysawyer

ReflectionBeliefs are tricky things. Everyone has them, and everyone thinks that their belief is the correct one. If everyone actually had the same mindset as everyone else, then this really wouldn’t be a problem. Reality is that there are billions of people, and they all think differently. I personally have no problem with someone who believes differently than me. I have a problem when someone tells me that my beliefs are wrong, and that person’s beliefs are better than mine.

Last time I checked, I was an adult. I do not like to argue with people. If anything I would discuss a topic with another adult. Say I hated chocolate ice cream but loved vanilla, and I met someone the exact opposite of me. I might think that it’s crazy to not love vanilla, but I would want to know the person’s reasoning as to why they loved chocolate instead.

Huh, funny isn’t it. One adult talking to another adult discussing differences and getting a new perspective on life and specifically ice cream. This person’s opinion probably won’t change mine, but I am now enlightened about the other side of the fence.

How can someone expect to have his/her beliefs respected if he/she can’t respect another’s belief? Maybe I’m the one who’s not open enough to see the other side.