How to Put your Photos Online or a Business Card

by shelbysawyer

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

I received this question forever ago, and I addressed it on another site, but since I’m transitioning over here I felt it was appropriate to post 🙂

There was a question on how to post pictures to websites or even put them on business cards. Here comes the fun stuff! Why would you ever have these amazing pictures, and keep them to yourself? Why not show them to the world? Now, that is more appropriate. What is even more appropriate is using the internet as the vessel to which you use to make everyone jealous of these totally awesome pictures! You with me?!

There are a couple of different ways to post your mug all over the web.

-FaceSpace. This includes ALL social media. There is usually a section for specifically uploading a “profile picture.” If you get the photo professionally done, then you need to talk with your photographer about getting “web friendly” sizes. This just means your picture is much smaller, and that makes it easier to upload.

-Personal Site. This might require some work, but don’t fret! There are shortcuts around this! (Which I recommend) The easiest way to do this, that I know of, is to find an image uploading site like Flickr or Photobucket to upload your photo to. From there, those sites will give you options to share the picture. That should give you an HTML code that you can insert appropriately into your site. Voila, photo!

Now, when it comes to business cards, there are a few methods to also use.

-Online Software. There are literally thousands of sites out there that can make a business card for you. I use for mine though. Plus, if you go through me, then I can get you discounts! Yay for saving money!

-Computer Software. Technically, I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to design my business cards and then use Vistaprint to print them but no matter. This is a path you can use too if you’re like me and like to have complete control over the design. Photoshop is not required though. There are free programs like Microsoft Paint (If you already have a Windows computer) or Gimp you can use. From this you can either print your own or go through a website.

-Hire a Professional. This can be quite pricy, but if you don’t like what’s offered online or your creative capacity, then this might be the route for you. Depending on your needs, I could design one for a fee. Having someone else design it for you takes away the stress of getting it done especially if you have a timeline, or if you get in a designer’s block. Email me for more information if you have questions.