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Mini Accordion Album–Pinterest Inspiration Week #14

This week I was inspired my this cute webpage. There’s some really neat stuff to check out! Plus, the photos were cool, and they got me thinking about what else can be done with bottle caps and photos. I decided to make a mini accordion album, and it looks super cute! Here’s how:

In an image editing program, like Photoshop, re-size and shape all your photos then position them slightly over-lapping each other. This is the hardest part, but with the right program it really isn’t bad. Once your images are how you like then print them!

Carefully cut out your photos.

Hot-glue all the pieces together.

Use wire to hold the photos in place. Now you have a personalized accordion album!

I will note that odd amounts like 11 or 13 pictures fit in the accordion style much better! I’m going to give this as a surprise thank-you present to Kyla. You can see all of her photos here and here. Seriously, this is really great. I now have an idea for a future photo project! Lemme know if any of you try this out 🙂


October Outfit Ideas

Fall Leaves

Well bonjour Autumn! It’s so nice to meet again! October is finally here, and that means cute sweaters, leggings, and all-you-can-drink cider. Seriously, does it get any better? Now, don’t get me wrong; summer is amazing, BUT with that being said it’s hard not to get excited for all the new possibilities and experiences that fall brings. It’s like getting to see an old friend, and Autumn you’ve been missed.

There’s all sorts of new trends, fashion wise, to be aware of this autumnal season. Here’s the scoop:

October Fashion

Baroque Style

Rich textiles and patterns
Black and gold
Embroidered dresses

Military Style

Cropped jackets
Leather shorts
Buttons and studs

Accessories October


Knee-high socks
Red lips
Gold everything

October Color Swatches

Hot Colors (Left to Right)

Royal Purple
Twinkling Blue
Muted Green
Bright Purple
Rosy Red

Need some inspiration for a session theme? Follow me here on Pinterest to keep up with all the fun 🙂

Senior Pictures-Kyla Part II

I’ve had the pleasure of taking Kyla’s pictures not once but twice! Man, she must really love me. She is so much fun to be with, plus she’s a total natural in front of the lens. She was constantly making me laugh which, of course, results in these really fun shots. Enjoy!

DIY Body Wash–Pinterest Inspiration Week #13

I’m on the cusp of moving out, and lemme tell ya what it isn’t cheap. I need this and that, and laundry soap, and dish towels. The list never ends! Plus that list adds up quickly over time, especially if you, like me, try to use the nicer stuff. Thankfully Pinterest exists because I’m not sure what I did with my life beforehand! I found this ridiculously simple and cheap recipe for body wash. I have crazy dry skin, so I usually get the all natural suds with all sorts of so-called “good stuff.” These bottles, fancily designed as they are, usually come in small sizes with hefty price-tags. Well no more I say! Here’s where I got my inspiration. Now here’s what I did:

I used one bar of Kirk’s natural castile soap, and grated it with a cheese grater.

Next I boiled 8 cups of water.

Then I tossed in all my grated soap, and stirred until it dissolved.

Go ahead and grab a cute little jar to put your concoction in. Pour in one cup of your liquid soap and two cups of water. Now add a tablespoon of coconut oil. This is what’s gonna make your skin super silky. I heated my oil up first, so it would mix better. Then all I did was add a few drops of orange essential oil, so I’ll smell great!


Here’s what it looks like! Now I will say that it is very liquidy. I waited about two days before I decided to use mine just so it had time to turn into jelly. It’s still a little runny, but that doesn’t bother me. One question you may have is what to do with the rest of your liquid soap? Well go ahead and put it in a tub to use whenever you need more! It’s as easy as that and a lot cheaper if you ask me 🙂

Session Inspiration–Falling into Love

Ahhh, love. Let it be known that couples are my absolute favorite things to take pictures of. Nothing makes my inner photographer happier than knowing I successfully documented two peoples’ love for one another. When you can look at a picture and legitimately feel the couples’ love, then I did my job. Since the cooler months are upon us, it’s time to break out the sweaters and cozy up to your favorite holiday drink (Mine’s the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Mmmmm). And let’s not fool ourselves either; we totally love doing these things with our special person. Why not savor these memories all year round instead of just when fall hits? With photography, you can! Here’s some great images to get you inspired 🙂

Help! I can’t find where this photo came from! If you know, then let me know, so I can give proper credit 🙂

See anything you would like to try? Shoot me a message here, and let’s talk 🙂

Painted Mason Jar–Pinterest Inspiration Week #12

I’m hopping on the mason jar wagon this week! I realized that I have accumulated many types of jars over the past few months, and it’s high time I did something with them. I was looking through Pinterest, and this post inspired me to try something a little similar. Here’s what I made:

I really like it, but this does take some time to do mainly because of waiting for the paint to dry. I used acrylic which does dry relatively quick, but if it’s thick (and it likely will be), then it’ll take longer to dry.

Clean your chosen jar.

Gather materials: Matte medium, acrylic paint, brush, mod podge, and some paper towels!

Mix your color with the matte medium at the bottom of your jar until it’s nice and liquidy.

Let the paint roll around to create interesting shapes.

Drain the paint and let dry. Then coat inside with mod podge. Then let it dry again. I used a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Here’s one side.

Here’s the other side.

This was great for brightening up my room! Now I need some chrysanthemums or another similar flower to fill this jar 🙂

DIY Envelope–Pinterest Inspiration Week #11

So this post is a little late… About one week to be precise, but better late than never, right? I’m very excited about this particular post because it’s going to save me a lotta moolah here in a few years, and I can’t wait! Drum roll please! I learned how to make my own envelopes! Now this might sound kind of lame and cheesy, but have you guys looked at the prices of custom envelopes recently? With a little hard work on my behalf I can save myself more than half of what I would have spent! Now some of you might be wondering, “Why in the heck should I care? I don’t need that many envelopes, so I can splurge.” Whelp that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m thinking about sending out wedding invitations. Oh, yeah. Hundreds of envelopes will be sent out, and the invites are expensive enough as is, so I’m taking a step in the cheaper direction and making my envelopes. Here’s where I got the original inspiration. Now here’s what I did:

I carefully unfolded an envelope of the size I wanted to make.

Here it is all peeled apart.

Trace that envelope onto a piece of paper that you like. I used 12×12″ white scrap-booking paper.

Cut out your template.

Now fold that template like how your original envelope was folded.

I used rubber cement on the folds that needed to be glued together.

I used my rubber cement pickup to get rid of the excess cement.

Here it is in all its glory 🙂

This is so ridiculously easy. I could probably make 200 in a matter of a few hours. Plus if I made them with any friends, then that would be even more fun!








Location Spotlight–Midwest, WY

My dad works in the little oil town of Midwest, WY, and Saturday he took me to see where he worked. I have maybe driven through Midwest once before, but I definitely have never seen this part of the landscape. Atop the rim-rocks is where these shots were taken, and believe me it’s incredible. Seriously, the pictures don’t do it justice. The view shows every oil donkey, and the roads winding between them. Plus the rocks are absolutely amazing. This is probably my new favorite view of Wyoming because you can see forever into the horizon, and it was even smokey when I went! This spot would make a great backdrop for a romantic shoot. See for yourself:

Click to view this image larger! There are faces carved into the rock!

Cool, huh? If you would like to get more info about where I went or want to schedule a consultation, then message me here! I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Senior Pictures–Montana

This was an emotional shoot for me. My baby brother is all grown up. It’s been an absolute joy getting to watch him grow into such a great young man, and I can’t believe I get to see this kid everyday. Seriously, I hope everyone has a brother this cool. Here’s my shots:

I love you Tanner ❤

Witch’s Fingers

Witch's Fingers